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wOw i am sOo sLeepy !!!

discover what candy you are @ quiz me

Love consists of (A) FRIENDSHIP, (B) RESPECT, and (C) PASSION. First you must satisfy a person’s basic social/emotional needs for friendship. Second, you command their respect. And third, you inspire their passion (that infatuated obsessive-compulsive psychological state of mind wherein a person can think of nothing else, but wanting just to be with you.) The bad news is that if you fail to foster any one of these three elements, then True Love will ultimately fail to flourish. The good news is that each of these three elements is, in its own sphere, easily cultivated.

People Subconsciously Grow Dependent Upon Those Who Satisfy Their Emotional Needs

People Are Most Attracted To Those Who Exhibit Some Degree Of Aloofness And Emotional Independence

People Want What They Can't Have

People Make Conscious Decisions Based On Subconscious Feelings, Then Justify Their Decisions With Reasons That Sound Good

bleh just some stuff i read ... n e way thank god its friday alreaDY i am soooo damn tired staying up to talk to jorge like an idiot ... i dont understand y i put myself through some things .... i can say "well hes a dick" ... but ultimately i am the jackass that continues to like the dick ... i dunno he just gets me so confused i dont know wut the fuk i want ... i want him but then at the same time i question it .... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i cant even express myself correctly ... i feel like i cant explain the feeling i have its so weird n e ways i am falling asleep only one more hour to go n i really dont feel like typing so i'll write laterzzz
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