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letter i am writing to jOrge =0(

2: jorge
hey .. well its friday ... havent talked to you for a few days, since you got back with her. When we were talking those weeks you were having problems with her, there were a lot of things i wanted to tell you but i thought werent the right timing... anyways i just feel i have to get them off my chest. i'm not exactly sure where to begin, but wutever i guess i'll try .... I LOVE YOU, i still do, i always have. Even when we were friends. My life isnt complete w/ out you in it. i find everything i do or see i wish you were there to do/see then with me. I'm sorry for waiting so long to tell you all of this, but its better late than never. I'm not worried that i wont meet any other guys, i just dont want other guys ... i want you. I miss you & all n all ur little quirky things. I miss calling you caca, i miss you telling me "to get off ur belly buddah" when i am falling asleep on the phone with u. I miss everything we had and everything about you ... the way u kiss, the love making n everything that comes along with itlol (the best ever!!!) ... but most of all i miss ur love. for some reasoni couldnt forgive you or forget & i just thought the timing was wrong & now that everything is perfect for me to be with u ... u have have fallen for someone else & it hurts more than anything in the world. It was even harder for me to give you advice and hear you talk about her, but i really truly love you & just want you to be happy. Those few times i saw u i would just snek glances at you n just thing of u felt the same way about me or if you ever would again. I knew you were going to have other girlfriends but i never thought they could duplicate or relace our love and wut we had. I always thought we were meant to be n i still do. i just dont understand ... i cant let it go.. I dont want to think that you have no other feelings beside friendship for me left. I just ask god everyday to bring you back to me & i promise him things would be better. I've changed n so have you but my feelings for you have never changed. I dint want to tell u because i thought it would be disrespectful to marisol, she doesnt deserve it.But i cant just keep my feelings inside anymore because it is driving me crazy. I dont expect for things to change but i just cant go anyother day without letting you know how i feel. You dont have to answer back, I just wanted to share my feelings with you. I just needed to tell you that i still love you more than anything or anyone in this world n i'll be thinking of u from time to time wondering if & when faste will give us a second chance.
love always,
caquita ape dalmata the III

well that was the letter ... besides me loving jorge i started fiu monday ... whoa has this week been hectic i am so glad its friday n i can actually sleep .. i've met quite a few people at fiu everybody is pretty nice its so different n i've been doing good keeping ahead of my reading... this weekend i think i am going to fort myers with my mom my aunt danny becky n i dunno if gabriel n pepe r gonna go .. wutever i'm taking my books n just sleeping all day n studying =0) wow has vicky changed a lot ... anyways i love jorge
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