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guy likes girl ... girl likes other guy ... other guy likes other girl ... other girl doesnt

hmm i just thought of something when it comes to dealing with love ... the biggest risks get the biggest returns , it's nothing more than a gamble ... sure ur gonna get burned a few times but if u dont u'll never hit the jack pot ... anyways its monday bak to work n i start school today ... i diodnt get any sleep last night only 2 hours n u wanna know wut i was doing .... helping jorge get bak with his chick ...can somebody kick me upside my motherfucking head... god it hurts me so much to hear him talk about but i cant give him bad advice because she is in the same position that i was in 10 months ago n i wish jorge could have had someone like me to give him advice bak then ... then maybe we would still be together ... i dunno wut is going to happen he is probably gonna get bak with her n then forget about me like all these days everytime she took him bak he didnt call me to even at least be like hey i got back with my chick i cant talk to u ... but i guess that is the price u pay for loving someone n waiting too long to let that person know ... thats y i wanna help him n her becuz i dont want anyone to make the same mistake i made ... damn it sux loving someone so much u only want wut will make them happy!
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