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i feel like dying

well like the subject says i feel like dying right now ... god i just want jorge bak i promise i would never hurt him again n i'll try to be the best gf that i can be ... i just want another chance , but maybe it is too late for my other chance i already had 2 chances to get bak with him but they werent the right time i wouldnt have been good for him if i got bak with him bak then ... god i love him so much i've been crying for about 45 min now ...u would think i wouldnt have any tears left in me butthey r still coming out ... but i dont want to pressure him into anything cuz he just broke up with his chick that he supposedly really liked well i dont even think they have broken up... but does he love her like he loved me? i always thought me n him were meant for each 0ther n he did too but now i am not so sure he thinks like that ... n i want him to be happy u dont know how hard it is for me to give him good advice with his chick it makes me want to die ... everytime he says something about her it breaks my heart =0( i just want him to look into my eyes n tell me he loves me n grab me n hug me n never let go .... but i mean he still has to have feelings for me right ? we spent the whole day togetheryesterday practically he invited me to go to sunset place with him n his cousin from alabama n then later on he met me up at sergios with nicole her bf n his friends to eat n we have been talking all day everyday since the 25th? does anyone out there think that is a good sign? i just feel like kicking myself in the head for not getting bak with him when i had a chance ... is that it ? maybe he doesnt love me anymore??? but how could he not he told me he wouldlove me forever ... i just want to know that i'm his girl ... n he said yesterday that hes never had a gf like the one he just broke up with him cuz she cooked for him WTF!!!! i baked him christmas cupcakes lets see who is going to make sure everything in the damn cupcake is red n green the panetela the icing the decorating icing it took me forever to make those damn cupcakes ...m so yea maybe i'm not a good cook but cooking doesnt make someone a good gf ... I JUST WANT ONE MORE CHANCE PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEE .... i wanted to burn that song from mariah carey - all i want for xmas is u n wrap it n leave it in his mailbox ... but i thought thatwould be kinda disrespectful cuz of his girl ... i love jorge i want him bak =0(
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