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last day at wOrk ... thumbs up fOr me yay yay yay!!!

anyways it's tuesday tomorrow is noche buena n today is my last day at work till jan 5 THANK GOD!!!!!!!! ... hmm i sent jorge a text message today i'm not sure if that was the best thing to do tho cuz i dont want his gf to see it n get all bitchy ... i swear now that i have been lonely they play nice love songs ALL DAY EVERYDAY wtf?!?!?! grrr carlos says i need to let jorge go n move on ... but it's so hard, i mean yea i meet guys n they r nice n i like them somewhat but my enthusiasm fades away so fast i just lose interest =0/ i dunno wut to do ... i guess i just havent found anyone special ... well i have nicole n nikki =0D BUT THEY DONT HAVE PENISIS DAMN IT!! n the plastic ones just dont feel the same lol that reminds me of the day we went to pleasure emporium lol well i gotta get back to work ...
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