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yay today is monday i only work today n tomorrow =0D n then we got vacation till jan 5 but i start school the same day ... i'm kinda nervous to start school i barely know anyone in fiu =0( nikki n nicole r both at mdcc =0( anyways this weekend was pretty chilling ... friday i went to my jobs xmas party n then met up with my cousins gabriel n pepe ... LMAO NICOLE STOLE THE MACK DADDY XMAS ORNAMENTS!!! thats right!!! she stole one of the inflatable thingys!!! lmao lol i swear nicole is crazy ... anyways sat i drove my ass all the way to fort lauderdale to visit a friend n chilled there till like 12 n picked up nicole n took her to see martin ... then sunday i went to the movies with carlos we saw stuck on u ... it was pretty funny ... not realistic but pretty funny ... ha i am happy today cuz the phones arent working at my job n since i am a receptionist that means i really cant do shit =0D anyways dont got much to write ... n niki u gotta teach me how to put pictures wuts the code? =0D
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