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pissed Off at the wOrld !!!!

hey well its saturday thats ab0ut the only good thing i can think of well anyways the reason i am writing this is cuz i am fucking depressed right now i miss jorge a lot!! i fucking hate my life sometimes ... if it wasnt for how impossible my mom made things me n jorge would still be together ... i mean yes he fucked up sometimes n when he was saying all that shit about my mom dealing n doing coke it hurt like fuck n when he went to orlando with cristina n i saw thepictures i wanted to rip her fucking head off but the point is i think he is theonly guy i have ever lo9voed in my life .... n i could never be happy with him ... i just want to go bak how it was when me n him first got together... jorge had this effect on me , the whole world could be falling around me but if jorge was there with me loving me i wouldnt care ... i miss him the little cartoons he would write me the way he would tell me he loved me n i knew he meant it ... the way he kissed his hugs ... how he would have to look down on me cuz he was so tall ... he could always make me laugh n0 matter wut ... but i'll never have that again =0( i called him the other day n he was in ny with his new girlfriend n i know he didnt want to talk to me the only reason he called bak is cuz he didnt have my new cell number ... n thats when i realized i lost him forever ... i always thought that we would get together again cuz we were special ... we werelike destructive magnets ... i could be doing something or away form jorge but he would come bak n my whole life was jorge again but i would always think "oo its not going to work out cuz my mom" when i should have been thinking "fuk that i love this guy nothing else should matter" but thats it he already moved on i know he didnt get butterflys in his stomach when he heard my voice like i did when i heard his ... he didnt even recognize my voice =0( wtf is that ... anyways i am just here in my bed lonely missing jorge ... i want jorge =0( i want to just run up to him n hug him n have him carry me n pretend to get a hernia lol but he is off in ny with a new gf ... he always wanted to go somewhere with me but my mom wouldnt let me ... y is life so unfair =0( somepeople never meet someone they care4 so much about n i did n i fucked it up ... n look at how i've been since i fucking broke up with him smoking cigarettes fucking like addicted to weed at least i have a job n am starting school.... but other than that estoy echo a mierda ... well i am getting off ....

i love jorge =0( =0( =0(
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