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i'm addiCted to Quizzes lmaO

Clarissa Explains it All. Little brothers piss you
off and your best friend climbs up a ladder...
But of course that's not weird to you because
you're Clarissa Darling

What's Your 90's Nickelodeon Show?
brought to you by Quizilla
i used to love that show! lol

500 a night

You Would Make $500 a Night!

You won't have to resort to the streets to earn your cash...

But you will spend most of your time at a brothel on the wrong side of town!

How Much Could You Make as a Prostitute?

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candy delight

Your Stripper Name is Candy Delight!

You are always the feature dancer at the best clubs.

Your customers pay big money to see you, even if it means starving six days of the week.

For you, stripping is an art form, and you are a grande artiste.

Very classy and never trashy - you won't stoop to doing anything sleazy.

You are constantly posing in magazines and winning Miss Nude contests.

In StripperLand, you are the ultimate queen.

Other strippers may be jealous by all the attention you get, but you walk away with the most money!

What's *Your* Stripper Name?

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perfect lay

You Are a Perfect Lay!

All sorts of guys long to hook up with you, but your standards are set high.

You don't just give it up to anyone, but when you do...they can't get enough of you!

You have a knack for pleasing and receiving, and sex with you is never boring.

Only problem is ~ they all seem to be falling in love with you...

What Kind of Lay Are You?

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too bad i havent gotten a good lay in a looooong time =0( =0( =0( this sux!

pussy sucker

You Are A Pussy Sucker!

It's not too hard

To teach a boy to fuck

But if you want good oral,

This gives better suck

What Sex Toy Are *You*?

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lmao actually some guys give really good oral =0D

Which Sex and the City Vixen Best Matches Your Sex Style?


Your Sexual Power Animal is a Starfish!

Wild, kinky, and determined to spread it around.

Starfish can (and do) have intense orgies…

And from how you answered this quiz, you should too.
At the very least, consider videotaping your sex…

And then getting it on, with your doubles on screen.

What's Your Sexual Power Animal?

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giving head

Your Tongue's Talent is Giving Head!

Your thick, wide tongue is the perfect size and shape for giving him pleasure. Not to mention, you know just how to work all the curves.

You'll do just about anything to make others happy, and when you're uncomfortable, you don't like to say so.

So that probably means your mouth is starting to get worn out. Slow down, and learn how to speak your mind!

You'd be most compatible with a Nipple Sucker. They're sure to give you the attention you so desperately need.

You've been giving everything for so long that you forgot what's it's like to be pleasured. It's time for you to lay back and get licked.

What's Your Tongue's Talent?

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