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a veRy meRRY unBirthday tO me? ..... yes yOu   
10:35am 22/03/2004
mood: curious
well it's march 22 again ... my birthday =0D so far so good ... mimi got me something n tammy got me a little cake shes so cute ... i feel so bad for going this weekend where she invited me .... but #1 my mom wasnt gonna let me go #2 i had already driven far early that morning with only 2 hours of sleep on me and #3 i wanted to go out with my friends ... i feel bad for the guy she is trying to hook me up with ... he had gotten me a cake and everything ... anyways i guess today i am just gonna chill at my house have some family and friends over u know cut a cake collect my money =0D lol .... cant wait till this thursday when we leave to the beach ... bleh i am so sleepy i cant wait to get out of here ... i stayed talking to jorge till 4:30 in the morning i am a jack ass ... but its that i never get sick of talking to him i dunno its weird ... but yet he manages to get into arguement with both me and karyanne all in one night ... sometimes i really dont know y and how i fell in love with him bu... wut do i do my mind leads me somewhere else but heart always brings me back to him .... its complicated
wOw i am sOo sLeepy !!!   
04:02pm 19/03/2004
mood: sleepy

discover what candy you are @ quiz me

Love consists of (A) FRIENDSHIP, (B) RESPECT, and (C) PASSION. First you must satisfy a person’s basic social/emotional needs for friendship. Second, you command their respect. And third, you inspire their passion (that infatuated obsessive-compulsive psychological state of mind wherein a person can think of nothing else, but wanting just to be with you.) The bad news is that if you fail to foster any one of these three elements, then True Love will ultimately fail to flourish. The good news is that each of these three elements is, in its own sphere, easily cultivated.

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People Want What They Can't Have

People Make Conscious Decisions Based On Subconscious Feelings, Then Justify Their Decisions With Reasons That Sound Good

bleh just some stuff i read ... n e way thank god its friday alreaDY i am soooo damn tired staying up to talk to jorge like an idiot ... i dont understand y i put myself through some things .... i can say "well hes a dick" ... but ultimately i am the jackass that continues to like the dick ... i dunno he just gets me so confused i dont know wut the fuk i want ... i want him but then at the same time i question it .... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i cant even express myself correctly ... i feel like i cant explain the feeling i have its so weird n e ways i am falling asleep only one more hour to go n i really dont feel like typing so i'll write laterzzz
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gueSS whO pOpped baCk intO my liFe ?   
10:56am 18/03/2004
mood: confused
jup .. thats right ... jorge .... i know i know wut ur thinking "again vicky? .. lemme guess he broke up his gf n calls u about it to bitch" but u know wut i cant help it ... when he calls i get like all "o shit" like ... i dunno wut to do cuz he says he doesnt see n e thing working out in the relationship dept betweeen us ... n then he tells me for the past 6 months with this chick it was all "blurry" saying that he likes her a lot but that he enjoys my company cuz he was thinking about that day with me n him n his cousin ... bleh i dunno i guess i cant stress it so much ... i was already starting to get over it all n then he has to come back into my life... lol another thing i was talking to jose n i told him i talked to jorge n he was like "o u better be single when i come down there" i'm like "o why" his answer .... cuz i want to "chill" with u ... yea riiiiiight oooook he wants to bang me =0P lol damn n talking about a bang i havent been banged in quite a while ... damn vicky ur so damn sad nikki b has gotten more dick than u have in the past months ... n she the "virgin" of the group ... go figure ... lmao well i dunno i guess i'll just have to take everything one step at a time lol he was telling me that valentines day when i left that there for him that she had slept over his house cuz his parents had left for the weekend ... lol damn too bad she didnt find it ... lol n his dad would always call her vicky by mistake haha pobresita but comeon ... there is honestly no replacing the vixter =0D wow vix u r full of it today.... well nikki (the only one who reads this lmao) talk to u laterzzzzzzzzzzz
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bleh stupid quizzes   
11:26am 11/02/2004
mood: bored
When i kill myself i'll use...

I Will Burn to Death!.
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lmao .....damn wut a way to die

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kill count: 5

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of course i'm lazy i would just get nikki n nicole high n convince them to do it =0) lol

well i am suuuuper bored here at work today would me n jorge's 2 year anniversary can u believe how fast time goes by 2 years ago me n jorge just started out n a year ago we had just broken up now i am here trying to get him back i am gonna leave him something i made him today i hope that works ... but there is actually an interesting prospect if jorge dfoesnt work out hehe i wont say now becuz its nothing i'll just have to see wut happens =0P well lemme get to doing my economics homework laterzzz i love jorge =0(
i hate loving!   
01:21pm 29/01/2004
mood: worried
well its the 29 its been quite a while since i talked to jorge =0( man i miss him soooo much all i do is talk about him to everyone lol nicole must be so sik of hearing about him ... ay i just think its sooo unfair how everything worked out ... when he wanted me i was too stupid n now i am begging for him back i would do anything anything to get him bak n he doesnt want me ... he wants that other chick .... how can u fall in love so easily i thought we had something sooo special how could he replace that ... i mean its going to be a year already but still ... i feel so stupid i feel like i've wasted a year of my life eating shit when i could have been making beautiful memories with him ... i just want one more chance thats all i am asking for ... i have a something planned to leave him ... that'll be my last attempt at getting him back cuz then again i dont wanna seem like a stalker but damnit i am obsessed right now =0/ its sooo awesome feeling something so strong for someone but it sux that they dont feel the same way about u =0( well fiu is good i joined a sorority its phi mu its pretty str8 met a lot of sorority chicks n some frat guys ... but none of the guys catch my attention i want jorge =0( wah wah wah OMG but i do have awesome awesome news well becky is pregnant =0) but the best part THEY'RE HAVING TWINS!!! lol my brother is going to have his hands soo full ... see these r things that i want to share with jorge he would love to hear that cuz he loves danny n becky =0/
haha 4 day weekend fOr me =0D   
09:27am 14/01/2004
mood: frustrated
well its wed ... i didnt come to work monday or tuesday i called out "sick" man nooo way i was sooo tired ... i went to fort myers this weekend n i didnt even get a lot of sleep cuz danny would wake us up early ... we left friday after work lol danny got pissed cuz we couldnt eat at cabascas that night so sat morn we woke up n went with my mom, tia cristina, pepe, me, n danny n becky ... than we went bak to the house n then we went to go see big fish ... lol the movie theatre is so cool over there it has tables where u can sit n they bring u ur food or wutever u ordered the movie was dope i liked it a lot ... then that night pepe made me n becky smores lmao n sunday we woke up n me n becky tried to make breakfast n then we just chilled for a bit n when we were leaving we ate italian food at vincenzos yummy that shit was soooo good ... so wutever monday i didnt work i just slept late n washed my hair n went to school n after i went to the mall with nicole to buy becky something for her birthday .. i got her a bebe purse n something for the baby =0D hehe becky is pregnant ... finally gonna be an aunt .. n a godmother =0D so excited i bought it this little bear outfit n it has the bear face on the butt n with matching socks that have like little stuffed bear heads on the end n they rattle!! how adorable!! cant wait she's 6 weeks so the baby is going to be born in september ... other than that i wrote jorge the email ... he read it but he didnt write bak =0/ people always want wut they cant have ...aint that a bitch well lemme actually get to work since i havent done shit all week =0P
letter i am writing to jOrge =0(   
09:36am 09/01/2004
mood: sleepy
2: jorge
hey .. well its friday ... havent talked to you for a few days, since you got back with her. When we were talking those weeks you were having problems with her, there were a lot of things i wanted to tell you but i thought werent the right timing... anyways i just feel i have to get them off my chest. i'm not exactly sure where to begin, but wutever i guess i'll try .... I LOVE YOU, i still do, i always have. Even when we were friends. My life isnt complete w/ out you in it. i find everything i do or see i wish you were there to do/see then with me. I'm sorry for waiting so long to tell you all of this, but its better late than never. I'm not worried that i wont meet any other guys, i just dont want other guys ... i want you. I miss you & all n all ur little quirky things. I miss calling you caca, i miss you telling me "to get off ur belly buddah" when i am falling asleep on the phone with u. I miss everything we had and everything about you ... the way u kiss, the love making n everything that comes along with itlol (the best ever!!!) ... but most of all i miss ur love. for some reasoni couldnt forgive you or forget & i just thought the timing was wrong & now that everything is perfect for me to be with u ... u have have fallen for someone else & it hurts more than anything in the world. It was even harder for me to give you advice and hear you talk about her, but i really truly love you & just want you to be happy. Those few times i saw u i would just snek glances at you n just thing of u felt the same way about me or if you ever would again. I knew you were going to have other girlfriends but i never thought they could duplicate or relace our love and wut we had. I always thought we were meant to be n i still do. i just dont understand ... i cant let it go.. I dont want to think that you have no other feelings beside friendship for me left. I just ask god everyday to bring you back to me & i promise him things would be better. I've changed n so have you but my feelings for you have never changed. I dint want to tell u because i thought it would be disrespectful to marisol, she doesnt deserve it.But i cant just keep my feelings inside anymore because it is driving me crazy. I dont expect for things to change but i just cant go anyother day without letting you know how i feel. You dont have to answer back, I just wanted to share my feelings with you. I just needed to tell you that i still love you more than anything or anyone in this world n i'll be thinking of u from time to time wondering if & when faste will give us a second chance.
love always,
caquita ape dalmata the III

well that was the letter ... besides me loving jorge i started fiu monday ... whoa has this week been hectic i am so glad its friday n i can actually sleep .. i've met quite a few people at fiu everybody is pretty nice its so different n i've been doing good keeping ahead of my reading... this weekend i think i am going to fort myers with my mom my aunt danny becky n i dunno if gabriel n pepe r gonna go .. wutever i'm taking my books n just sleeping all day n studying =0) wow has vicky changed a lot ... anyways i love jorge
guy likes girl ... girl likes other guy ... other guy likes other girl ... other girl doesnt   
09:06am 05/01/2004
mood: crappy
hmm i just thought of something when it comes to dealing with love ... the biggest risks get the biggest returns , it's nothing more than a gamble ... sure ur gonna get burned a few times but if u dont u'll never hit the jack pot ... anyways its monday bak to work n i start school today ... i diodnt get any sleep last night only 2 hours n u wanna know wut i was doing .... helping jorge get bak with his chick ...can somebody kick me upside my motherfucking head... god it hurts me so much to hear him talk about but i cant give him bad advice because she is in the same position that i was in 10 months ago n i wish jorge could have had someone like me to give him advice bak then ... then maybe we would still be together ... i dunno wut is going to happen he is probably gonna get bak with her n then forget about me like all these days everytime she took him bak he didnt call me to even at least be like hey i got back with my chick i cant talk to u ... but i guess that is the price u pay for loving someone n waiting too long to let that person know ... thats y i wanna help him n her becuz i dont want anyone to make the same mistake i made ... damn it sux loving someone so much u only want wut will make them happy!
i feel like dying   
02:27pm 27/12/2003
mood: distressed
well like the subject says i feel like dying right now ... god i just want jorge bak i promise i would never hurt him again n i'll try to be the best gf that i can be ... i just want another chance , but maybe it is too late for my other chance i already had 2 chances to get bak with him but they werent the right time i wouldnt have been good for him if i got bak with him bak then ... god i love him so much i've been crying for about 45 min now ...u would think i wouldnt have any tears left in me butthey r still coming out ... but i dont want to pressure him into anything cuz he just broke up with his chick that he supposedly really liked well i dont even think they have broken up... but does he love her like he loved me? i always thought me n him were meant for each 0ther n he did too but now i am not so sure he thinks like that ... n i want him to be happy u dont know how hard it is for me to give him good advice with his chick it makes me want to die ... everytime he says something about her it breaks my heart =0( i just want him to look into my eyes n tell me he loves me n grab me n hug me n never let go .... but i mean he still has to have feelings for me right ? we spent the whole day togetheryesterday practically he invited me to go to sunset place with him n his cousin from alabama n then later on he met me up at sergios with nicole her bf n his friends to eat n we have been talking all day everyday since the 25th? does anyone out there think that is a good sign? i just feel like kicking myself in the head for not getting bak with him when i had a chance ... is that it ? maybe he doesnt love me anymore??? but how could he not he told me he wouldlove me forever ... i just want to know that i'm his girl ... n he said yesterday that hes never had a gf like the one he just broke up with him cuz she cooked for him WTF!!!! i baked him christmas cupcakes lets see who is going to make sure everything in the damn cupcake is red n green the panetela the icing the decorating icing it took me forever to make those damn cupcakes ...m so yea maybe i'm not a good cook but cooking doesnt make someone a good gf ... I JUST WANT ONE MORE CHANCE PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEE .... i wanted to burn that song from mariah carey - all i want for xmas is u n wrap it n leave it in his mailbox ... but i thought thatwould be kinda disrespectful cuz of his girl ... i love jorge i want him bak =0(
last day at wOrk ... thumbs up fOr me yay yay yay!!!   
09:24am 23/12/2003
mood: lonely
anyways it's tuesday tomorrow is noche buena n today is my last day at work till jan 5 THANK GOD!!!!!!!! ... hmm i sent jorge a text message today i'm not sure if that was the best thing to do tho cuz i dont want his gf to see it n get all bitchy ... i swear now that i have been lonely they play nice love songs ALL DAY EVERYDAY wtf?!?!?! grrr carlos says i need to let jorge go n move on ... but it's so hard, i mean yea i meet guys n they r nice n i like them somewhat but my enthusiasm fades away so fast i just lose interest =0/ i dunno wut to do ... i guess i just havent found anyone special ... well i have nicole n nikki =0D BUT THEY DONT HAVE PENISIS DAMN IT!! n the plastic ones just dont feel the same lol that reminds me of the day we went to pleasure emporium lol well i gotta get back to work ...
12:12pm 22/12/2003
mood: hungry
yay today is monday i only work today n tomorrow =0D n then we got vacation till jan 5 but i start school the same day ... i'm kinda nervous to start school i barely know anyone in fiu =0( nikki n nicole r both at mdcc =0( anyways this weekend was pretty chilling ... friday i went to my jobs xmas party n then met up with my cousins gabriel n pepe ... LMAO NICOLE STOLE THE MACK DADDY XMAS ORNAMENTS!!! thats right!!! she stole one of the inflatable thingys!!! lmao lol i swear nicole is crazy ... anyways sat i drove my ass all the way to fort lauderdale to visit a friend n chilled there till like 12 n picked up nicole n took her to see martin ... then sunday i went to the movies with carlos we saw stuck on u ... it was pretty funny ... not realistic but pretty funny ... ha i am happy today cuz the phones arent working at my job n since i am a receptionist that means i really cant do shit =0D anyways dont got much to write ... n niki u gotta teach me how to put pictures wuts the code? =0D
pissed Off at the wOrld !!!!   
03:18pm 20/12/2003
mood: jealous
hey well its saturday thats ab0ut the only good thing i can think of well anyways the reason i am writing this is cuz i am fucking depressed right now i miss jorge a lot!! i fucking hate my life sometimes ... if it wasnt for how impossible my mom made things me n jorge would still be together ... i mean yes he fucked up sometimes n when he was saying all that shit about my mom dealing n doing coke it hurt like fuck n when he went to orlando with cristina n i saw thepictures i wanted to rip her fucking head off but the point is i think he is theonly guy i have ever lo9voed in my life .... n i could never be happy with him ... i just want to go bak how it was when me n him first got together... jorge had this effect on me , the whole world could be falling around me but if jorge was there with me loving me i wouldnt care ... i miss him the little cartoons he would write me the way he would tell me he loved me n i knew he meant it ... the way he kissed his hugs ... how he would have to look down on me cuz he was so tall ... he could always make me laugh n0 matter wut ... but i'll never have that again =0( i called him the other day n he was in ny with his new girlfriend n i know he didnt want to talk to me the only reason he called bak is cuz he didnt have my new cell number ... n thats when i realized i lost him forever ... i always thought that we would get together again cuz we were special ... we werelike destructive magnets ... i could be doing something or away form jorge but he would come bak n my whole life was jorge again but i would always think "oo its not going to work out cuz my mom" when i should have been thinking "fuk that i love this guy nothing else should matter" but thats it he already moved on i know he didnt get butterflys in his stomach when he heard my voice like i did when i heard his ... he didnt even recognize my voice =0( wtf is that ... anyways i am just here in my bed lonely missing jorge ... i want jorge =0( i want to just run up to him n hug him n have him carry me n pretend to get a hernia lol but he is off in ny with a new gf ... he always wanted to go somewhere with me but my mom wouldnt let me ... y is life so unfair =0( somepeople never meet someone they care4 so much about n i did n i fucked it up ... n look at how i've been since i fucking broke up with him smoking cigarettes fucking like addicted to weed at least i have a job n am starting school.... but other than that estoy echo a mierda ... well i am getting off ....

i love jorge =0( =0( =0(
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02:14pm 17/12/2003
mood: tired
well i am here at work bored out of my mind it's 2:30 2 n 1/2 more hours n then its only 2 more days till the weekend lol i am such a weird person i love starting something but when shit starts to get the same i get bored ... hmm go fig anyways gots to go ... laterzzz

To link it (the actual code):
i'm addiCted to Quizzes lmaO   
10:35am 15/12/2003
mood: annoyed
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i used to love that show! lol

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too bad i havent gotten a good lay in a looooong time =0( =0( =0( this sux!

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lmao actually some guys give really good oral =0D

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10:49am 12/12/2003
  damn i am so lazy i dont wanna think of anything to write cuz it takes too much effort but i am bored n want to waste time ... i'm such a burnout cant wait till i get on break so i can smoke smoke smoke =0)

</center> </center>
but i want one =0( a nice one too =0)

you are red

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the spacefem.com html color quiz

mOre quizzes =0P i'm gay   
01:27pm 11/12/2003

Personality Disorder Test Results
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sOme bOring quizzes   
12:10pm 11/12/2003
  I&apos;m Hair Twirling
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08:36am 11/12/2003
mood: working
1. What is your full name? victoria elvira alvarez
2. Birthday? 3/22/85
3. Age? 18
4. Sex: female
5. social security? wtf is that supposed to mean
6. Where do u live? Miami, Fl
7. What school to you attend? fiu florida international university
8. Siblings and their ages? brother danny 26
9. Pets? i want a pug! =0( just wait for the apartment ... if we ever get one
10. Zodiac sign? aries fire sign ;0)
11. Righty or lefty? righty
**********YOUR LOOKS**********

12. Hair color: blonde
13. Eye color: dark brown
14. Height: 5"3
15. Do u wear contacts or glasses: glasses when i drive on the expressway lol
16. Do you have any piercings? a few
17. If so, where? nothing out of the ordinary my ears 2 each my cartilage n my belly =0)
18. Do you have tattoos? not yet =0(
19. If so, what and where? i want a fourleaf clover
20. Do you wear any rings? jup 2
21. Do you have a certain fashion you follow? wutever tickles my pickle in the morning
22. How are you today? ok not really that sleepy thank god but the day has just started
23. What pants are you wearing right now? black linen pants
24. What shirt are u wearing right now? black n white semi longed sleeve shirt
25. What does ur hair look like at the moment? up in a bun .. i gotta wash my hair =0/
26. What song are u listenin to right now? the biggie n 2 pac song
27. What was the last thing u ate? i'm drinking coffee now =0D
28. How is the weather right now? normal not too hot a bit chilly lol
29. Last person u talked to on the phone: my boss
30. Last dream you can remember: hmmm i dont remember
31. who are you talking to now? Nobody yet the people havent started calling yet
32. What time is it? 8:43 am

**********MORE ABOUT YOU!**********

33. what are the last four digits of ur phone number? my cell 5021 my house 1176
34. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? periwinkle cuz i loved the name of that color when i was little i would always use that blue lol
35. Have you ever almost died? lol sometimes in the car with nicole i would say they were close calls lmao jk
36. Do u like the person who sent u this? of course i got it from ms.bubbles!! nikki B
37. How do u eat an Oreo? hmm i take off the cream eat the cookie part first n then get all the creams n eat them lmao i've done that since like 5th grade
39. whats the next cd that ur gonna buy? hmm i dont know yet
40. What religion/denomination are u? my own =0) a little bit of catholic i guess ... can u even be a little bit of a religion =0?
41. Whats the best advice ever given to u? the best way to iss someone off is to ignore them
42. Have you ever won any special awards? a few in elementary n middle school lmao not in high school thats for damn sure
43. What are ur future goals? school... graduate college... work... fall madly in love.. marry ... have lots of sex ... have kids .. live happily ever after =0D
44. Do you like to dance? jupperzz indeediedo
45. Worst sickness u have ever had? lol i have to agree with nikki... mono fucking atomic green boogers lol
46. Whats the stupidest thing u have ever done? hmm quite a few ... stealing santa clauses from people's yards throwing balogne on a car lol went to that christmas place with nikki n nicole n it was all little kids lol
47. Whats ur favorite memory? hmmm i have a lot
48. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? not a damn thing ... i lub me not perfect but i lub my imperfections
49. Where do u shop most? forever 21 i love their styles but fuk it's so damn cheap u wash it a few times n all the strings are hanging out
50. How many kids do u want to have? 2 or 3
51. Son's names? andres/andy , antonio/tony
52. Daughter's names? alexandra n i forgot the other one i liked damn i like gabriella/gaby
53. Do u do drugs? lol nikki u r such a damn liar! lol jeassum i just like to smoke the mj
54. Do u drink? sometimes but i dont have good experiences always end up throwing up
55. what kinda shampoo and conditioner do u use? hmm right now sheer blonde n garnier some fruit shit
56. What sport do u hate the most? golf ! is that even a sport?
57. What are you most scared of? people i love dying
58. How many t.v's do u have in your house? hmm 7
60. Do u have ur own phone line? jup
61. Do u sleep with a stuffed animal? =0( =0( yes i sleep with my fave red elephant that my ex jorge gave me for valentines day i love it its so soft =0( it makes me miss jorge
62. Have you ever broken, fractured, or sprained something? lol nope i got hit my a car once when i was riding horse n nothing happend
63. Who do u dream about? i dunno sometimes i have dream about people i dont even know =0P
64. Who do u tell your dreams to? dont really talk about them much cuz i dont really remember
65. Who is the loudest friend u have? nicole lol n nikki is pretty loud too but in a bubbly way
66. Who is the quietest friend you have? hmm lol i think all my friends r lo9ud its fuking miami
67. Is cheerleading a sport? no wtf rah rah rah
68. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? how the fuk should i know

**********YOU AND LOVE**********

70. Do u believe in love? jes
71. Do you have a boyfriend? =0(
72. Do you have a crush? hmm a few
73. Who is your crush? none of ur business =0P
74. Did u send this to ur crush? nope
75. Do u believe in luv at first sight? sometimes yea
76. Where do u want to go on your honeymoon? somewhere private n romantic where we can have sex everywhere all day long
77. What song do u want played at your wedding? i dunno it depends on the guy i marry i guess
78. What is the first thing u notice about the opposite sex? outside eyes! smile lips hands ... inside sense of humor
79. Are u to shy to ask someone out? i dunno depends on how much i like the person
80. Who do u wanna spend the rest of ur life with? i havent found him yet =0(
81. Do u find yourself attractive? of course i am =0D n so r u nikki =0)
82. Do u find yourself ugly? not really wtf
83. Do others find you attractive? i attract ... psychos most of the time but i attract lol


84. Making out with jennifer lopez or britney spears? lol if they were any other girls i would say no to both but they r both famous i'll make out with both of them at the same time take pictures n make millions from the paparazzi lmao
85. Having your tonsils or appendix removed? appendix i already took out my tonsils n it was nothing


86. Boxers or breifs: boxers or those little boxer briefs lol yummy =0P
87. Curly or straight hair: depends on the guy
88. Tall or short: tall!!!
89. Six pack or muscular arms: arms baby so they can pik me up n slam me against the wall lol
90. Good or bad guys? i think everygirl is attracted to the bad boys ... but i wanna find a nice guy already =0)
91. Hat or no hat: dpends ... wut kinda hat?
92. Ears peirced or not: i dont really care just not that many
93. Tan or no tan: tan !
94. Dimples or not: i have dimples! i want a guy with dimples n we can make babies with dimples =0)
95. Stubble or neatly shaven: ooo i love stubble it feels so rough when u make out n ur left with a red blotched face =0D
96. Rugged or sporty: hmm i dunno
97. Studly or cutie: a little of both =0)v studs usually have small diks =0(
98. Accent or not: dont care
99. Glasses: i love glasses they make guys look so sexy
100. Smart or dumb?: smart!!! i cant deal with stupid people
101. What sport should he play? baseball players have the best butss!!
102. Dependent or independent? independant please i dont want a mamas boy


103. pants or thongs?
104. painted nails or not?
105. regular or sports bra?
106. bra straps showing or not?
107. cute n' mysterious or wild n' sexy?
108. dark or blonde hair?
109. long or short hair?
110. curly or straight hair?
112. long or short nails?
113. hat or no hat?
114. good or bad?
115. hair up or down?
116. jewellery or none?
117. tall or short?
118. accent or no accent?
119. trousers or dress?
120. tan or fair? 121. glasses?
122. pretty indoor chick or crazy party chick?
123. freckles or not?
124. shy or outgoing?
125. funny or always cool?
126. talkitive or quiet?

**********PICK ONE: THIS OR THAT**********

127. lights on/off? depends ;0)
128. sun or rain? rain when ur sleeping sun when ur out
129. McDonalds or Burger King? mickeyds yum i luv their honey mustard
130. Do u like scary movies or happy movies better? happy happy joy joy
131. Backstreet boys or NSYNC? nsync lol me n nicole went to a concert once a looooong time ago lol
132. on tha phone or in person: in person ... u cant kiss over the phone
133. paper or plastic: hmmm both r so wonderful to use to buy stuff .. i would say plastic its my moms lol
134. sausage or pepperoni? pepperoni! sausage has so much damn grease it makes me want to throw up =0/ blah
135. summer or winter? winter u get to wear sweaters yay
136. hugs or kisses? both
137. chocolate milk or white milk: hot chocolate milk! =0) wut about strawberry quick
138. root beer or dr. pepper: i like both
139. glass half full or half empty? half full
140. video or DVD: Dvd duh
141. cats or dogs: dogs ... pugs!
142. mud or jello wretsling? jello mud is gross jello is bouncy
143. vanilla or chocolate? depends wut mood i am in
144. skiing or boarding? boarding looks easier lol i probably would bust my ass n both
145. day or night? night time !
146. cake or pie? cake yummy
147. diamond or pearls: r u crazy ... diamonds r a girls best friend!
148. sunset or sunrise: sunrise ... its the starting of a brand new day its awesome by the beach

********YOUR FAVES*******

149. colour : red n black
150. food : arroz con pollo subway n mickeyds cheeseburgers
152. chocolate : kit kats ... white chocolate
153. Beverage: diet coke =0)
154. Ice~cream flavor : chocolate with peanut butter swirls n mini reeses cups lmao
155. sport : basketball ... n baseball ... the things i could do to josh beckett!
156. animal : dogs
157. number : 22 =0D
158. radio station : hate the radio too many commercials
159. Song : too many
160. Band : hmm i have a few
161. Fave actor or actress : antonio banderas !!! hes so hot!
162. favourite day of the year : xmas... my bday... lol n now thanksgiving that food was awesome!
163. Favourite month : december.. march
164. tv show : sex in the city
165. store : forever 21
166. scent : micheal kors ... micheal
167. Teacher : ms.lockwood i miss ceramic lol n even tho she was crazy ms. herzog was a trip
168. Board game : Monopoly lol i think everyone loves that
169. Saying : just one more puff lmao

~~~~~~~~~~HAVE YOU EVER~~~~~~~~~~

178. loved someone so much it makes u cry? jup
181. broke the law? lol yea i guess just never been caught actually i have got caught in a park with jorge lol
183. stole something? Yes ... peer pressure is a bitch lol riight i am usually the first one up to take stuff lol
184. tried to kill urself? hell no n rid the world of me .. i dont think so
185. made yourself throw up recently: only when i am drunk lol i feel so bad i have to throw up
186. been in love? jup =0(
187. made yourself cry to get out of trouble? i dont remember

********ONE FINAL NOTE********

188. Do you like filling these out: at work
189. How many ppl are you sending this too? just posting
190. do you want you friends to write back? not really wut r they going to say
191. who is least likely to respond: everyone
192. Who is most likely to respond: lmao nikki is the only one that reads this
193. What is the first thing that comes to mind? there is an annoying noise coming from next door
blah gotta pee   
03:03pm 03/12/2003
mood: working
damn my bladder is about to burst i am here at work waiting on hold for someone to quote me ... i thought today was gonna be slack ehhh not really... anyways i got a new cell phone =0) if u r special n know my last number call it i havent disconnected it yet n i'll give u my new number ... the new phone is dope =0) gots a camera n everything hehe
bOOty caLL =0D   
02:16pm 24/11/2003
mood: horny
well this morning vicky finally got herself some ass =0D daMn brO i hadn't had that in a whiiiiiLe ... lOl anDy gets On my nerves sooo much sometimes but it's soo funny when we argue cuz its about the stupidest things n we push each other in the bed n then he starts laughing at me ... i dunno i want things to work out between us cuz i like how i feel when i am with him but when he is away n he is acting like an asshole i cant stand him .. i dunno wut is gonna happen wutever just have to let things flow , lol supposedly he got me my x-mas gift already n he told me it was a vibrater lol wtf is that!!!! i wasnt expecting that from my boyfriend to get a damn sex toy i mean yea its cool but wtf y for christmas it's "jesus's BIRTHDAY" and people r giving out sex toys ... the world is going to shits lmao anyways i am here at work thank god danny's friend hooked me up with that bud cuz it was good as fuk its 2:30 2 &1/2 more hours to go yessss!! n then today me n nicole r going to go looking at apartments lol i am gonna call nikki n see if she wants to go ... LMAO speaking of nikki friday me n nicole were like "hmm lets call nikki see wut shes doing we miss her " we ended up chilling with nikki n annette bro that shit was hilarious!!!!!!!!! we smoked out of lola by the damn mental place nicole was taking a shit n then we went to go pik up nikkis friend luis n we went around different bks stealing the window cling ons of cat in the hat me n annette lol annette would just grab all of them n have them hanging behind her n shit it was too funny n then we went by neighborhoods n would steal their signs , american flags, candy canes, flowers n leave them on other peoples things grab the mailboxes n put them over mailboxes n tip over mail boxes lol i kinda feel bad for the people but it was soooo funny loo well gotta get bak to work now .... i need a really good fuk right about now =0D
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