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22 March
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50 cent, accounting, alternative, anna maxted books, antonio banderas, arroz con pollo, arts&crafts, baby oil gel, balconies, bangles, beach, bebe, being high, big bird, big long sleeve shirts, bizzy bone, black eyeliner, black sunglasses, bone thugs n harmony, bongs, boys, bud, burberry, cartier, cds, ceramics, cheap champagne, cheech and chong, cherries, chicken kitchen, christian dior, cigarettes, clinique, clothes, clouds, clubs, coffee, cosmopolitan, crystal light, cuddles, cuddling, dancing, deep conditioners, diet coke, doodling, dooney&bourke, double glassed pipes, dreaming, driving, drum n bass, dvds, eating, english authors, eyeshadow, family, finding nemo, fleece covers, foo fighters, footaction, forest gump, forever21, friends, gardenias, gone with the wind, gucci, gym, h2, hair irons, halfbaked, hammocks, harry potter, highlights, hip hop, honey mustard, house, hugs, kareoke, kermit the frog, keyless entry, kisses, kissing, ladybugs, laughing, lemonheads, lexus, life, lipgloss, louis vuitton, love, ludacris, mac makeup, malboro lights 100s, manicures, marijane, matchbox20, math, meet the parents, methodman, michael kors perfume, midori sours, mushyness, music, nike shox, nirvana, obie trice, organization, papermate pens, parties, pearljam, pedicures, phone, pictures, powerpuff girls, psychology, pugs, puppies, purses, r&b, rap, reading, red, redman, reggae, sandals, scarface, scooby doo, shimmer lotion, shopping, short skirts, silver, singing in the shower, sleeping, smiling, smoking, spearmint gum, stained, stars, steve martin, subway, tampons, target, text messages, toe rings, toyota supras, tupac, victoria secret bras, vodka, weed, whipped cream, work