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gueSS whO pOpped baCk intO my liFe ?

jup .. thats right ... jorge .... i know i know wut ur thinking "again vicky? .. lemme guess he broke up his gf n calls u about it to bitch" but u know wut i cant help it ... when he calls i get like all "o shit" like ... i dunno wut to do cuz he says he doesnt see n e thing working out in the relationship dept betweeen us ... n then he tells me for the past 6 months with this chick it was all "blurry" saying that he likes her a lot but that he enjoys my company cuz he was thinking about that day with me n him n his cousin ... bleh i dunno i guess i cant stress it so much ... i was already starting to get over it all n then he has to come back into my life... lol another thing i was talking to jose n i told him i talked to jorge n he was like "o u better be single when i come down there" i'm like "o why" his answer .... cuz i want to "chill" with u ... yea riiiiiight oooook he wants to bang me =0P lol damn n talking about a bang i havent been banged in quite a while ... damn vicky ur so damn sad nikki b has gotten more dick than u have in the past months ... n she the "virgin" of the group ... go figure ... lmao well i dunno i guess i'll just have to take everything one step at a time lol he was telling me that valentines day when i left that there for him that she had slept over his house cuz his parents had left for the weekend ... lol damn too bad she didnt find it ... lol n his dad would always call her vicky by mistake haha pobresita but comeon ... there is honestly no replacing the vixter =0D wow vix u r full of it today.... well nikki (the only one who reads this lmao) talk to u laterzzzzzzzzzzz
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