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i hate loving!

well its the 29 its been quite a while since i talked to jorge =0( man i miss him soooo much all i do is talk about him to everyone lol nicole must be so sik of hearing about him ... ay i just think its sooo unfair how everything worked out ... when he wanted me i was too stupid n now i am begging for him back i would do anything anything to get him bak n he doesnt want me ... he wants that other chick .... how can u fall in love so easily i thought we had something sooo special how could he replace that ... i mean its going to be a year already but still ... i feel so stupid i feel like i've wasted a year of my life eating shit when i could have been making beautiful memories with him ... i just want one more chance thats all i am asking for ... i have a something planned to leave him ... that'll be my last attempt at getting him back cuz then again i dont wanna seem like a stalker but damnit i am obsessed right now =0/ its sooo awesome feeling something so strong for someone but it sux that they dont feel the same way about u =0( well fiu is good i joined a sorority its phi mu its pretty str8 met a lot of sorority chicks n some frat guys ... but none of the guys catch my attention i want jorge =0( wah wah wah OMG but i do have awesome awesome news well becky is pregnant =0) but the best part THEY'RE HAVING TWINS!!! lol my brother is going to have his hands soo full ... see these r things that i want to share with jorge he would love to hear that cuz he loves danny n becky =0/
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