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haha 4 day weekend fOr me =0D

well its wed ... i didnt come to work monday or tuesday i called out "sick" man nooo way i was sooo tired ... i went to fort myers this weekend n i didnt even get a lot of sleep cuz danny would wake us up early ... we left friday after work lol danny got pissed cuz we couldnt eat at cabascas that night so sat morn we woke up n went with my mom, tia cristina, pepe, me, n danny n becky ... than we went bak to the house n then we went to go see big fish ... lol the movie theatre is so cool over there it has tables where u can sit n they bring u ur food or wutever u ordered the movie was dope i liked it a lot ... then that night pepe made me n becky smores lmao n sunday we woke up n me n becky tried to make breakfast n then we just chilled for a bit n when we were leaving we ate italian food at vincenzos yummy that shit was soooo good ... so wutever monday i didnt work i just slept late n washed my hair n went to school n after i went to the mall with nicole to buy becky something for her birthday .. i got her a bebe purse n something for the baby =0D hehe becky is pregnant ... finally gonna be an aunt .. n a godmother =0D so excited i bought it this little bear outfit n it has the bear face on the butt n with matching socks that have like little stuffed bear heads on the end n they rattle!! how adorable!! cant wait she's 6 weeks so the baby is going to be born in september ... other than that i wrote jorge the email ... he read it but he didnt write bak =0/ people always want wut they cant have ...aint that a bitch well lemme actually get to work since i havent done shit all week =0P
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