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bOOty caLL =0D

well this morning vicky finally got herself some ass =0D daMn brO i hadn't had that in a whiiiiiLe ... lOl anDy gets On my nerves sooo much sometimes but it's soo funny when we argue cuz its about the stupidest things n we push each other in the bed n then he starts laughing at me ... i dunno i want things to work out between us cuz i like how i feel when i am with him but when he is away n he is acting like an asshole i cant stand him .. i dunno wut is gonna happen wutever just have to let things flow , lol supposedly he got me my x-mas gift already n he told me it was a vibrater lol wtf is that!!!! i wasnt expecting that from my boyfriend to get a damn sex toy i mean yea its cool but wtf y for christmas it's "jesus's BIRTHDAY" and people r giving out sex toys ... the world is going to shits lmao anyways i am here at work thank god danny's friend hooked me up with that bud cuz it was good as fuk its 2:30 2 &1/2 more hours to go yessss!! n then today me n nicole r going to go looking at apartments lol i am gonna call nikki n see if she wants to go ... LMAO speaking of nikki friday me n nicole were like "hmm lets call nikki see wut shes doing we miss her " we ended up chilling with nikki n annette bro that shit was hilarious!!!!!!!!! we smoked out of lola by the damn mental place nicole was taking a shit n then we went to go pik up nikkis friend luis n we went around different bks stealing the window cling ons of cat in the hat me n annette lol annette would just grab all of them n have them hanging behind her n shit it was too funny n then we went by neighborhoods n would steal their signs , american flags, candy canes, flowers n leave them on other peoples things grab the mailboxes n put them over mailboxes n tip over mail boxes lol i kinda feel bad for the people but it was soooo funny loo well gotta get bak to work now .... i need a really good fuk right about now =0D
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